Microneedling in Newington, NH

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Microneedling Treatment in Newington, NH
Microneedling Treatment in Newington, NH

How Does Rejuvapen Work?

The instrument itself utilizes what is called medical micro-needling, and in Rejuvapen’s case, 9 micro-needles are used on the skin to create thousands of invisible and virtually painless perforations. By creating these microscopic channels in the epidermis, the body immediately responds by increasing the formation of new tissue to refresh mature skin, as well as, releasing of growth factors that promote scar and hyper-pigmentation repair and healing. The adjustable needle length from 0.2 to 2.5 mm which allows customized treatments from skin freshening to deep scar repair anywhere on the body.

After the initial treatment, patients often notice that their skin has a healthy pink glow and that fine lines are diminished. Skin naturally takes roughly four weeks to synthesize new collagen, but it is not until about four months that patients can see the full effect of Rejuvapen treatments. It is suggested that patients receive four treatments, spaced at least two weeks apart.