Kybella Specialist Questions and Answers

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Kybella Specialist Near Me in Newington, NH
Kybella Specialist Near Me in Newington, NH

What is Kybella?

Kybella treatment is a non-surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of fat below the chin, often referred to as double chin. Kybella reduces fat in the submental area, below the chin, and received FDA approval in 2015 for the submental region only. Kybella’s main ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is a modified form of a chemical that our body already produces. When applied to a specific location, it permanently kills fat cells, causing those cells to no longer collect or store fat in the body.

Kybella injections are used to treat submental fat, also known as a “double chin.” Essentially, the area below your chin is a natural location for excess fat deposits, which can arise as a result of obesity, fat gain, the natural aging process, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, or sometimes simply genetics. Many people struggle with double chins since they are extremely tough to lose without treatment. In other cases, some people are looking to sculpt their jawline in order to have a perfect facial profile.

Submental fat was once only curable through liposuction surgery, which needed general anaesthesia, pain medication, and had a lengthy recovery period. Kybella therapy on the other hand is a method to treat your double chin by using an injection that signals your body to release the fat under your chin. Essentially, the injections kill the fat cells under the chin, which your body subsequently recognizes as dead, and eliminates them through the natural processes.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella’s active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body and aids in the digestion and absorption of dietary fat. Kybella kills fat cells when injected underneath the chin, leading to a visible reduction in fullness under the injected area. Because these cells can no longer store or build fat after they have been destroyed, further treatment is not expected if you have achieved your desired aesthetic goal. Before beginning treatment, your doctor will monitor the area under and around your chin to see if Kybella is appropriate for you. Then, depending on the amount of fat under the chin and your aesthetic goals, your specialist will customize your treatment.

To make the therapy more comfortable, the areas around your neck and chin will be numbed before the injections are done. Once this is performed, your doctor will begin delivering the shots. You may receive up to 50 injections in a single therapy, depending on your unique treatment plan. The treatment will take about 30 minutes, and there will be minimal or no downtime. Because everyone’s chin profile is unique, the number of treatments required varies from patient to patient. Based on the volume and distribution of your submental fat, as well as your unique treatment goals, your healthcare specialist will help you in determining how many sessions you require. If you require multiple sessions, each treatment session must be at least one month apart, and no more than six treatments should be delivered. In clinical trials, 59% of patients have received 6 Kybella treatments.

What is the cost of Kybella treatment?

Pricing varies from customer to customer because each Kybella treatment plan is unique. The overall cost will be determined by the number of treatments required. It is important to highlight that Kybella is a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical necessity, therefore it will not be covered by most insurance plans. Our specialists at Seacoast Rejuvenation Center can work with you to come up with a unique treatment plan to get you to your desired results. We will help you understand the overall cost of the treatment and a timeline for best results.