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Custom Skin Care Consultation in Newington NH

Visit Seacoast Rejuvenation Center for a consultation today! Let us help you come up with the best treatment plan & best solutions. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. Our med spa is conveniently located at 101 Shattuck Way Suite #1 Newington, NH 03801.

Custom Skin Care Consultation Near Me in Newington NH
Custom Skin Care Consultation Near Me in Newington NH

A professional consultation with one of our medical or aesthetic providers is required for some of our Medical, Laser or Therapeutic Light treatments. The consultation will give you the information and guidance needed to find the very best solutions for your particular skin care concerns. Your decisions should be well-informed and founded on a rich understanding of all of the options available, risk consideration, and therapeutic expectations, as well as finding the best fit for your individual budget.

We offer Care Credit financing for all of our medical procedures. This gives you the opportunity to take your time, making interest-free payments over time.

What is your skincare or appearance concern? We’re here to help.

A wide range of skin concerns, including acne, pigmentation problems, dry or oily skin, pores, lines, wrinkles, rosacea, and sensitive skin can be corrected or improved with our skincare services, including

Healing Facials, Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial®, and Peels. More intense problems can be addressed with one of our many state-of-the-art light technologies, which include IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) photorejuvenation, Acne Treatments, and GentleWaves Photomodulation. Smooth, radiant, and healthy skin with reduced folds or lines can be realized by many of our professional treatments.

The most advanced laser technology can help with a range of concerns including Laser hair removal, Laser vein treatments for facial or spider veins, Micro-Fractional skin resurfacing with our Rejuvapen MicroNeedling with either PRP or CTGF, for aged, sun-spotted skin, acne scars, and traumatic scar therapy. Tighten loose, saggy, crepey, or lined skin with the no-downtime technology and proven results of Rejuvapen Micro-Needling and Exilis radiofrequency treatments for face or body.

Body contouring is achieved with gentle yet effective noninvasive technologies with proven results, including Exilis and Vanquish radiofrequency body contouring.

Your frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet can be smoothed away in just days with our comfortable, five-minute wrinkle injections, Dysport®, and Botox Cosmetic®. Dermal filler injections with Restylane Silk, Restylane, and Restylane Lyft give an instant lift to hollow areas of the cheeks, under the eyes, and plump out lines around the mouth, chin, and lips. Lips can be lastingly enhanced both with fillers, as well as with noninvasive treatments such as Exilis for a completely natural youthful look. Ask us how.

Please note that all of our services work together synergistically, so depending on your needs and expectations, you may require multiple services to achieve your end goals.

Natural, healthy beauty is your goal- and we deliver. Call today and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic providers. We serve clients from Newington NH, Portsmouth NH, Durham NH, Newmarket NH, Stratham NH, Dover NH, Rye NH, and surrounding areas!